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Your teeth are expected to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible. There are a number of solutions for damaged or otherwise compromised teeth, and one of them often used for extensive problems is dental crowns. Whether you are looking to change the size of a tooth, restore its shape, or improve upon its overall appearance, our staff can take a look at it and determine if this method could offer you the solution you've been seeking.

Understand the Process

On your first visit, our staff will begin the process by fully examining the impacted tooth as well as preparing it. X-rays must be taken to get the proper layout of the root system. The presence of extensive decay may necessitate root canal treatment to precede the placement of the crown. We will also file down the tooth to prepare it for the crown. If, however, there are large portions of missing tooth, we may instead need to add fillings to properly prepare the area.

On your second visit, your crown will be prepared and ready to be placed. The temporary crowns are removed, and our staff will begin by ensuring the products fit properly. When we confirm everything is acceptable, we'll apply local anesthesia and adhere the crown to your tooth using a special cement. This creates a permanent bond that will last.

Tips for Temporary Crowns

You will have to go through a brief period using temporary crowns while we create a custom-made, permanent product. During this time, there are a few tips we suggest you follow to ensure they provide you adequate support including:

  • Avoid sticky foods such as caramel and chewing gum as they could adhere and pull the crown out of place
  • Try to limit chewing to the other side of your mouth whenever possible
  • Avoid chewing hard foods that could compromise the temporary crown such as raw fruits and vegetables as they could cause breakage
  • When flossing, slide out rather than up to avoid dislodging the crown
  • Long-Term Comfort and Confidence

It can be easy to take a beautiful smile for granted. However, once you have sustained damage or decay, the discomfort of daily activities such as eating and brushing can become excruciating. Not to mention, you may even find yourself hiding your smile, debilitating you from expressing your positive feelings. Our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve both comfort and confidence. If you think crowns could offer the right solution for your circumstance, our staff is here to help you make a professional determination. Stop by our office today and schedule an appointment.

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